Know us

I am Swati Singh, the owner and creator of Paaramparik.

I learnt this recipe from of ‘Dry Fruit Laddoos’ from my mother in law, the day I saw my 5 year old daughter munching them away in happiness.

These Laddoos have the right balance of dry fruits required for our daily nutrition. And to top it up they are so yummyyyy….In this journey of 4-5 months of selling these Laddoos, so many mother have tried these Laddoos for their children and family and for many homes these Laddoos have become part of the family…

As it has all the ingredients which healthy and filling. Thought its origin lies to ancestors and been reached us as Parampara. We have further rebalanced the ingredient to meet our lifestyle while not loosing the richness of these. It has almost 85 of dry fruits with base of Jaggery and pure ghee.